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Madeira Theme Park 14
The Madeira Theme Park in Santana is one of a kind in Portugal. It is a fantastic exhibition centre devoted to the history, science and traditions of the Madeira Archipelago. It occupies an area of 145,000 square metres and is a must for all visitors.
24 Hours Dancing
This festivity gathers every year, during the month of July, regional, national and even international folk dance groups offering good moments of entertainment and culture.
Feasts in honor of Santa Ana
and Santíssimo Sacramento
The feasts in honor of Senhora Santa Ana and Santíssimo Sacramento
are carried out between the last week of July and the first of August. They represent an opportunity to see flower carpets of great beauty that stretch over the main street where the locals organize a religious procession.
Gastronomic Specialities
In Santana, visitors can appreciate the popular Santana bread, but also lamb stew, Carne de Vinho e Alhos (Pork spiced with wine and garlic), Sopa de trigo (wheat soup) or the cooked cobs.
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