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    Access to the beach and to the reserve is facilitated by a modern cable car that descends from the Garajau viewpoint.
The beach has an assortment of amenities such as first aids support, sanitary installations, bar and restaurant.
Reis Magos beach 9/ Bathing complex of Lido Galomar 10
A stretch of black sand and pebbles stand at Caniço de Baixo and is known as Reis Magos beach.
This area also includes Lido Galomar bathing complex, a completely natural volcanic-rock bay that is popular with bathers.
Jardim da Quinta Splendida 11
Quinta Splendida hotel comprises a 30.000 m2 tropical garden with plenty different plants. It is the perfect choice for a relaxing stroll around the garden while enjoying fantastic views across the Atlantic Ocean.
Igreja Matriz do Caniço (Church) 12
who sell these dolls in regional feasts. They are made of flour, water, yeast, salt and egg dye and decorated with tissue paper.
Onion feast
The Onion Festival, held in Caniço, brings together farmers to promote the onion. This festival celebrates one of the main economic activities of the parish.
Gastronomic Specialities
Good food lovers will be delighted to taste onion soup and grilled limpets.
1. Caniço Centre
2. Miradouro do Garajau
             Caniço main church was built in 1783 and features nice paintings on the inside.
Bonecas de massa
Bonecas de massa is a typical handicraft made by the locals

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