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Câmara de Lobos
    Route number 3 is ideal to visit Câmara de Lobos. Those who wish
to visit this small and picturesque fishermen city should drop off the bus in the Cimentos Madeira, S (871A) bus stop which is a short walking distance to the centre of Câmara de Lobos (1 km or 10 minutes walking).
Note: it is also possible to visit Câmara de Lobos using the Rodoeste interurban busses
Câmara de Lobos got the name
from the discoverers of Madeira. The explorers disembarked in this area in 1419 and were inspired by the look of the amphitheater-like harbor where they came across with a large colony of sea-lions (in Portuguese: lobos marinhos).
Câmara de Lobos is situated 8 Km from Funchal. It is surrounded by extensive vineyards areas. It is also well-known by the excellent Madeira wine and should be considered today as a major hub with regard to black swordfish fishing.
Miradouro do Salão Ideal 1
Salão Ideal viewpoint is situated at the entrance of Câmara de Lobos, next to the old movie theater “Salão Ideal”, and offers a magnificent view
1. Baía piscatória
2. Miradouro Winston Churchill 3. Igreja S. Sebastião
over the bay of Câmara de Lobos and of Europe`s highest cliff, Cabo Girão.
Miradouro de Winston
Churchill 2
The name of Churchill is associated with this viewpoint where visitors can find a plate remembering that “here painted Winston Churchill in 1950” and a bronze platinum panel and a frame containing a photo of Churchill painting the bay.
been the site of the first residence of João Gonçalves Zarco, the discoverer of the Madeira island, arguably because this islet would give more security to him. More recently, this was also the place where most of the fisherman’s choose to live. Currently it features a lovely garden and the views from the top of the Islet are beautiful.
The historical name given to this rocky and steep islet is owing
to the fact that this has been completely surrounded by the
sea. Only after some land has fallen, terrestrial connections were established as it is today.
 Ilhéu de Câmara de Lobos 3
The Ilhéu (islet) viewpoint, in Câmara de Lobos, is located at the heart of the city, in a cliff overlooking the sea where according to some authors has

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