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Câmara de Lobos
Igreja Matriz S. Sebastião (Church) 4
S. Sebastião is a very attractive church built in the XVI century and subject to improvements during the XVII and XVIII centuries. It
has a main altar with rich golden engravings.
Capela N. Senhora Conceição
(Chapel) 5
Some historians advocate that
this was the very first chapel in
the Island, founded by the island discoverer Gonçalves Zarco in
1420. As of late XVII century, it was considered to be the fisherman’s chapel. On the main-altar lies a rich gold engraving and paintings at hands of Bernes a regional artist.
Forno da Cal 6
The lime-kiln (or forno da cal in Portuguese), located in Sítio da Trincheira, right above the Salinas (place formerly occupied by old
salt pans), was presumably built around the year 1874 by Roque Teixeira de Agrela and later subject to improvements and adaptations (1914). Although it was completely restored, the lime-kiln stopped working in 1960 due to the influence of the locals, complaining about the severe smog caused by the lime-kiln exhaust. Nowadays, the lime-kiln is an architectonic icon of Câmara de Lobos and plays
    an important role in the seaside of the city, namely in the promenade where it can be accessed from.
Adegas de Vinhos Henriques & Henriques (Wine cellar) 7
Presence of the Henriques family can be traced back to the 15th century. Following orders of
the Portuguese King, the first vineyards were planted in the family properties, next to Pico da Torre, in 1425.
Museu de Imprensa Madeira (Madeira Press Museum) 8
The museum displays an interesting number of equipment and machines that were recovered from local newspapers.
Passeio Marítimo
(Promenade) 9
A maritime promenade connects the Lido to Câmara de Lobos bay, facilitating enjoyable strolls along the rocky coast. The promenade pathway has an overall extension of 2,2 Km and ends in a parking facility in the center of Câmara
de Lobos, enabling various direct accesses to the ocean along the way.
Salinas bathing complex 10 Salinas bathing complex is next

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