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Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz has rich cultural and natural heritage, among which is important to outline:
Municipal Garden 15
In Doutor João Abel de Freitas square lies the Santa Cruz municipal garden, a pleasant area surrounded by trees and flowers. In this place a sculpture was recently inaugurate, "Sisters Mary Jane Wilson – the good Mother”.
Paços do Concelho - Santa Cruz Town Hall 16
The building is a national monument and a symbol of the Manueline style arquitecture.
Igreja Matriz de Santa Cruz
(Church) 17
Santa Cruz main church dates back to 1533 and displays a Manueline trace. Inside the church, there
are beautiful paintings on the ceiling, as well as on the altars and side chapels. The altars are sometimes gilded with gold
leaf to highlight small details. In the chapel dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament (“Santíssimo Sacramento”), one can see a collection of wooden figures symbolizing the last supper.
  Casa da Cultura Santa Cruz/
Quinta do Revoredo 18
The “Quinta do Revoredo” was the property of wealthy families that once lived in Santa Cruz and who used it as a country-house. The “Quinta” is nestled above a cliff and features beautiful gardens with endemic species such as the Dragoeiro. The garden includes a belvedere with astonish views over the sea, the city of Santa Cruz and the Desertas Islands.
Municipal Market 19
Santa Cruz has its own market where one can buy a wide assortment of fruit and vegetables, among many other products.
But the highlight is definitely
the fresh fish. Inside, next to the main entrance, one can find 2 bas-relief ceramic panels, from António Aragão, that give tribute to the ancestral work of the locals in rough fishing and farming activities.
Santa Cruz promenade 20
This promenade is next to the sea and features a range of restaurants, bars, gardens, public rocky basalt- pebble beaches and swimming pools. A quiet and relaxing stroll along the promenade, from the Palmeiras beach until the bathing complex next to Ribeira da

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