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Funchal Centre
Núcleo Museológico do
IVBAM (Embroidery museum)
This museum shows how Madeira embroidery was made and has an exhibition of valuable pieces of embroidery, tapestry and inlaid wood. The embroidery is displayed in different outfits and with other items such as furniture.
Leisure Cable car rides
Visitors to Funchal can take two cable car rides in a half-day trip across the luxuriant slopes in the south of the island and enjoy some of the most charming, out-of-the- way views.
Funchal - Monte cable car will take you from the old part of Funchal to Monte in around 15 minutes.
Botanical Garden cable car takes about nine minutes from the Botanical Garden to Babosas (Monte) and is a great tourist attraction.
Take the opportunity to buy Portuguese shoes, flowers and tropical fruits. Among the highlights, the Region is famous for the world-known Madeira wine and the exquisite Madeira embroidery, not to mention tapestries, wickerwork, sugar cane honey and “queijadas” a small cake made of cottage cheese “requeijão” and produced by the locals.
Madeira is proud to present a wide range of regional, national and international events that occur throughout the year. Among the assorted package of festivities, noteworthy are the Carnival,
the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival, the Wine Festival, the Nature Festival, the Christmas celebrations and the New Year's Eve in Funchal.
Check the calendar of events on page 76.
Gastronomic Specialities
The pork with wine and garlic is
a typical dish of Madeira Island, very present in the residents food traditions, especially in Christmas.
       1. Flowers
2. Madeira embroidery 3. Madeira wine
4. Wickerwork
5. Typical dish (pork with
wine and garlic)
6. Honey cake
7. Carnival
8. Flower Festival
9. Atlantic Festival
10. Decorative Christmas
11. New Year's fireworks

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