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Our Region has a longstanding history of warmingly welcoming tourists, which is why it is widely- recognized as a  rst class tourist destination.
Throughout its history, Horários do Funchal give signi cant contributions to sustain this level of excellence, by transporting millions of people, many of which tourists like yourself.
In addition to common public transport services,
Horários do Funchal o ers visitors the chance to experience a wide range of unique opportunities as they can really
immerge in the regional costumes and habits. For example, tourists are often overwhelmed with the stunning views over the capital that can be seen from our buses.
With the Visit Funchal by Bus brochure, you will be able to explore a set of suggestions about public transport tours in Funchal that we have selected for your convenience, with the hope to create pleasant and meaningful experiences for passengers and with total respect with regard to the environmental balance of the Island.
So than no information is missing and you can get the most of your stay in the Island, all routes include expected travel times, schedules of the buses and departure/arrival spots.
After knowing the city well, why not get deep into the Laurissilva forest? If you want to learn more about how to embark in such an unforgettable experience, please visit our website
I hope to see you around in our buses.

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