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Calendar 2022 - 2023
School Days
From September 06th to December 16th - 2022,
From January 3rd to February 17th - 2023,
February 23th to March 31th - 2023,
From April 18th to June 30rd - 2023.

School Holidays
Christmas: from December 19th - 2022 to January 02rd - 2023,
Carnival: from February 20th to February 23th - 2023,
Easter*: from April 03th to Apri 17th - 2023,
Summer: from July 03th - 2023.

Please note:
No service on 25th December. On 24th and 31st December, 21st February (Mardi Gras) and 06th April (the Thursday before Easter), the service will run to the Saturday timetable.

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