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This Guide enables, both residents and tourists visiting Madeira, to easily discover various locations of the Island in a sustainable manner, using the regular bus routes combined with pleasant strolls.
The locations included in this guide are grouped according to the operational areas of the Horários do Funchal Company, namely its urban service – Urban Network – and its interurban service – Camacha, Curral das Freiras and Santana networks. All other public transport companies operating in Madeira are also mentioned here.
For visitors convenience, in the end of the guide one can find various detailed maps to support travelling needs: maps of the urban and interurban service provided by Horários do Funchal; map of the departure spots in the centre of Funchal for all the public transport companies; and lastly, a Madeira map displaying the main tourist attractions with the correspondent public transports and routes.
All the information included in this guide was gathered from the following websites:

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